Brzee: The Ultimate Sound For Wealth and Prosperity

brzee the sound for wealth and prosperity

How Brzee Came Into Existence

The sound “Brzee” was transmitted to by a great Rishi called Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra, once an emperor, wanted to make everyone in his kingdom wealthy, and looked to spirituality and meditation to find a resolution. Following 1,200 years of intense meditation, the divine addressed his prayers by revealing to him the tone Brzee.

Immediately afterward, he selflessly gave the Brzee┬áto Dr. Pillai expecting nothing in return, Dr. Pillai then enhanced it by pairing it with an additional potent sound for wealth, “,” producing the most potent mantra in the world for both inner and outer wealth… Shreem Brzee

With frequent use, Brzee and specifically, will destroy all forms of scarcity from your consciousness, and enhance your merits, or positive karma, helping to change EVERY aspect of your life.

About Brzee (also called Shreem Brzee)

Many men and women have documented their experiences about the . Don’t believe it? Google and learn more regarding Dr. Pillai and his teachings.

I’m no expert to talk about the philosophy of this mantra or explain how it works. If you google on the subject of Dr. Pillai, Brzee, or Shreem Brzee you will find more about it. I am saying this mantra (Shreem Brzee) or 3 x 108 times on a daily basis consistently. The more you repeat this mantra Shreem Brzee, the better results you will have. You can alternatively keep saying Brzee, or Shreem Brzee whenever you find time.

Shreem is a particular seed sound signifying ingenuity, blessings, grace, surrender, and peace. It shows the energy of the moon, the female nature, receptivity, and the force of Lakshmi, the force of Divine abundance and prosperity. Saying this mantra permits the blessings and benefit of Shreem, Lakshmi and all that the mantra signifies to enter into the core of your being.

Brzee is a hidden mantra offered by Hindu Divine Saint Vishwamitra (Vishwamitra means a friend of the whole humankind) to Dr. Pillai. Vishwamitra devoted 1200 years of praying and meditation to derive a sound which has astonishing capabilities to generate cash, riches and good fortune.

Anytime Shreem and Brzee are chanted with each other, the quantum sound obtained will attract fast money, wealth, peace, bliss and prosperity.

Shreem Brzee Practice Technique

The quickest and easiest way for you to realize the force of SHREEM BRZEE is to keep chanting SHREEM BRZEE over and over again. Dr Pillai (Baba) recommends you to set a goal for yourself to chant 1,000,008 repetitions of SHREEM BRZEE over a period of time to fully release the power of this sacred quantum sound. You can recite this mantra 108 times or 3 x 108 times of 5 x 108 times every day. You will surely see the results gradually.

Dr. Pillai Explain Shreem Brzee

Watch other shreem brzee videos for pronunciation and sounds of this powerful secret mantra.

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