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How Long To Chant Shreem Brzee Each Day

In this Shreem Brzee results video, excerpted from Dr. Pillai’s Free Shreem Brzee Wealth Workshop, Dr. Pillai answers the question, “How much time to spend chanting for shreem brzee results?”

How to Achieve Shreem Brzee Results

So for people who are just starting to work with Shreem Brzee, can you recommend a certain duration of time that each day they spend on the Sound?

There is again no hard and fast rule. You know, If you just say it for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, you can say it. And then, if you want to say it all through the day, you can say that, you know.

How Long to Chant for Shreem Brzee Results

The ideal is to say for 10 or 15 minutes a day where, when you will concentrate on it. And I will, generally speaking say Friday, you should not miss Friday. Friday is Venus’s energy. Venus’s energy supports wealth. So, at least that time you should do it.

And then, some of my students they use the Hora Watch and so Venus Hour comes every day, so use the Venus Hours, even the Horas to do that. So you can 10 to 15 minutes would be ideal. And then, all through the day you’ll hold this thought in your mind.

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