Chant Om Brzee Namaha 108 Times To Improve Prosperity

Chant “ Namaha” to improve consciousness and your finances. Shreem is a seed sound for the Goddess of Wealth archetype, . Brzee is a mantra given to by Vishwamitra to help people create prosperity for themselves and others.


  • Ricardo Oliveira

    muito bom

  • Ashreddy Reddy

    hello sir .. my namaskaram to u,
    am confused, pls clear my doubt,
    u mentioned few mantras, like
    om brzee namaha
    shreem brzee namaha
    om kleem shreem brzee namaha
    n other few of them intially
    but which mantra I had to choose, am not understanding, pls, say guru ji,which one wud giv the mostest power to create prosperity, pls suggest me ji

  • Renee Amopiu

    Started a couple of Pillai's mantra's and yesterday came in to work and smashed out 42 calls (interested in signing up for our company offers) – now sitting at my desk (at work) smashing out more!! Awesome

  • Bindu Mohankumar

    Do I have to be meditating to say this mantra or can I chant it while I am doing my daily chores? thank you.

  • Nadhan Vaidya

    I am 66 most of my earlier life was ruined by investments, just living on meager pension and some minor cash deposit which got as retirement benefit. I have started Shreem Brzee and since yesterday the Om Brzee Namaha. I feel it is a God-sent opportunity to re-build my fortunes, like a house, which I never had in my life-time, and my wish to build a small Siva temple with Spatik lingam. The only source known to me as minor investments in stock market (no one will give a job for me at this age). I pray success in this endeavor to realize my manifestations. Oh Guru bless me.

  • mani mahiar

    Thank you dr pillai all of your mantra's work perfect
    thank you om brzee namaha

  • Veronica241971 Francis


  • Ros Gee

    This really works. The very first time I listened to this was at early morning around 2:30am just 2days ago. Then that day at around 10am I went to play roulette bringing with me worth $200. Guess what? I won $500worth, seriously. Then I tried playing again the following day, which was just yesterday at 5am and once again I won $200 worth. Amazing! Thank you so much Dr. Pillai for sharing this mantra.

  • Sanjay Pai

    Thank Dr.Pillai My Life was very bad. Now improving by chanting Mantra Om Brzee Namaha !
    Thank you very much.
    In first day i got Rs. 5000/- second day I got 5000/- Next week I got 50000/- thank You

  • Rajan Avala

    Dear Mr.Pilla sir,How can I overtake my financial problems if I chanting this manthra 108 times. but I believing 100percentage along with my work

  • santanaajusol Santana de Brito


  • Surinder Virdee

    Dr pillar I am listening and chanting this everyday but my financial problem is not solving.I am winning free lottery ticket or maximum $10 .I just want to pay my debts in old age and wants to pray and start to enjoy my retirement.pls help me doc.

  • Mawao Myers

    do you have to be an initiate to chant this or will it work for anyone

  • Maria José Bracelos

    Gratidão! Namastê

  • maria schroeder

    Can someone tell me when is the optimal time and how many days should before you see results ?

  • Elise Elidais


  • Moises Juarez

    Is it critical to chant this out loud or can you also meditate it silently in your head? If so, will it work the same?

  • geová araújo

    Oi doutor eu sor brasileiro teria videos ou livros deu em português.

  • Frederica Ndilanda Frederica

    Obrigada, eu sou de África.

  • Joseph Alexander ovidi

    Thank you

  • Waldyr Menetoo

    I understand ….. om belee namaha…..I don't know how to pronouce Brzee

  • Michael Planchart

    Can simply listening to it have the same level of benefit?

  • J.K Johnson

    I've found you in divine time; I plan to use what I've found from you and what I've known.
    Already, I feel the possibilities once I approach mastery….

  • Lubna El Awar

    Thanks why it's never the same vibration when i chant it alone ?

  • Us Watts

    Thank you very much💆

  • Juho Tunkelo


  • Gustavo Oliveira

    Om Brzee Namaha !

  • Aneeta Kamat

    tks sir. osssm as always. i love the musical version too.

  • R D

    Thank you so much baba ji

  • Nicole Nadeau

    Thank you

  • rayc1962

    I love this chant. It really helps me meditate. And meditating really helps me.

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