Chant Shreem Brzee 108 Times: Prosperity Sound For Wealth Consciousness

 Mantra To Improve Your Finances. This Chant, “Shreem Brzee” is to improve consciousness. Join others in raising prosperity consciousness for everyone, for the world.

Learn more about Shreem Brzee

Shreem is the that has given for changing your money consciousness. Brzee is a secret mantra given to Dr. by Vishwamitra to help people create prosperity for themselves and others. ‘Shreem’ is another sound, a seed sound for the Goddess of Wealth archetype, Lakshmi.


  • Beatriz Teofilo

    Si funciona estoy feliz gané la loteria siiiiii ujuuuuuu.

  • Riddhi Gadhvi

    Thank you for enlightening me with this matra I hear it only for 5 minutes in morning but found I m getting much more success in my work ….results are twice better than before.

  • Nadhan Vaidya

    I started four days ago, and I pray our Guru and the God will soon bless me with prosperity.

  • Denise Thierens

    I started chanting and listening to Shreem Brzee two weeks ago i won on a scratch lotto 30$ I stop because I had distraction .I started two days ago and a friend text me and say pick up 300$ from moneygram…it do work I am chanting for greater things because I need it
    Thank You Dr 😍😍 I am smiling because I am grateful

  • Ernesto Aparicio

    Can i combine and with with Kleem Hreem Shreem Brzee

  • Nichola Whitlam

    Thank you for this, I am playing every morning before I get out of bed but may start to increase it… why is 108 times of chanting suggested?

  • Jesen Sondakh

    can i listen this chant more than 108 times?

  • DJ Retro

    Since I have been listening to this Lakshmi mantra, my business grew up, I received more orders for my services, more money and my services are received better and better. Om Shanti!

  • eletric mexican

    can i just listen or do i have to chant out loud?

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    I'm going to try it for 5 days

  • Anthony Cicero

    ..i won $48000 on a lottario scratch after chanting this mantra for a few days.

  • Manoj Gopal

    what is 108 times

  • Joe Kollar

    This is day one of the mantra for me. My thought pattern changed from visualization/manifesting wealth to gratefulness with what I've already been given. This grateful heart is the even higher treasure than additional wealth. Thank You.!

  • syam gopi


  • Charm 23

    only 4 days in and I manifested a new car!

  • Raphie Elle

    This mantra works magic! My dad gave me 400$ for no reason! I won 50 K in a contest after 3 moths of chanting this mantra every day on venus horas!

  • eletric mexican

    if i just listen snd chant in my mind will this be effective sir?

  • The Law of Success Coach

    Can I play this on loop on two computers in my home all day long and chant it at will throughout the day?

  • Sanjay Pai

    Dr. Pillai Thanku So much. I would like to meet you. Is their any center in Mumbai (India)
    Thank you so much I got relief by listening Shreem Breezee.

  • ShRiKant Badal

    how to use it to get a new job??

  • Marilou Faye

    Thank you Dr. Pillai for all you do! ~Marilou Faye

  • Kevin Brown

    shreem brzee and the har mantra works. I was broke with no job borrowing money from people sleeping from house to house. now in only ten months I've bought land and built 4 houses….quantum leap prosperity, and I won lotto on Christmas day for $24000

  • Lillian Walker

    I'd Love to meet you. I listened to your video where you said you said your accepting us to contact you. I can meet you in your San Diego center. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then continued blessings abs Peace and Love always.

  • Jesen Sondakh

    when i listen this video first time i have a job thank you

  • Jesen Sondakh

    How much time every day can I listen for best result

  • HONU Lynn Arines Walters, LAc, DOM

    Is there a group SHREEM BRZEE site that I can link up to?? Which planetery times are the best to chant SHREEM BRZEE? example- Venus, Jupiter, etc… many blessings and SHREEM BRZEE to all!

  • Nazir Yahshua

    Forgive me for such a long post, but for anyone who doubts that this mantra works, take it from me. This mantra 100% works! The past 30 days have been nothing less than life-changing.

    I started December 1st, chanting 108+ times everyday and writing Shreem Brzee 108+ times in my notepad, every day and without missing a day. I would also listen to this exact, same audio while driving, going for my hour morning or night walks, and occasionally, I would fall asleep with it playing in my ear buds.

    The first thing that happened was my neighbor offered me some work paying me at $10/hour doing stuff around the house, painting, cleaning gutters, etc. I would average $30-50 about 5 days out of the week. And on some occasions, he's even treated me to dinner, and given me extra money for a job well done – that I was not expecting at all.

    Another, amazing thing that happened was this. I went to re-open a bank account that I closed a few years back. On a Saturday night, I called the 24/7 support line of this bank and they told me that a negative balance of $47 needed to be paid before my account got opened back up. (I was expecting this, because I attempted to re-open the account back in March and they told e the same thing) So, on the following Monday, I called again with my card in hand ready to pay over the phone, but the rep told me that there was no negative balance and that all I needed to do was go into the branch and open an account. 2 minute drive up the street, I was in and out of the bank in 30 minutes with new checking and savings accounts – unbelievable! No idea how this happened, but it did. The only explanation that I supernatural forces were in play.

    One day, I got an inner hunch that told me to look on craigslist to find a quick way to make some money and I came across this "gig" where a guy was paying $75 via paypal to run fb ads on accounts for his clients. I contacted the guy and he set up fb ads for one of his clients' automotive shops on my account. I shared my screen, he did the work and in 15 minutes, I received $75 via paypal – awesome!

    On top of my mom sending me money, my brother sent me $100 which NEVER happens.

    I also received 2, anonymous checks in the mail from Clickbank – again, awesome!!!

    It's been a great month and things are doing nothing but picking up. I will keep you guys posted.

    Please chant this mantra and stay consistent! That is the key!

    Thank you Dr. Pillai for giving this mantra, freely, to the world.

    Take care and God Bless


  • Mr. A

    Hello sir is it better to chant while listening or complete focus so wihtout listening?
    And also can we chant kleem shreem brzee, to maximise the two effects?
    Thank you

  • Tony Tony Tone

    oh shit this works within 15 hrs my boss gave me a$ 2,500 bonus and more work hrs

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