Chant Shreem Brzee 108 Times to Attract Wealth

shreem brzee

About Shreem Brzee

Shreem is a Hindu chant which creates the energy of Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and abundance. This mantra is actually a fusion of the and the Brzee mantra. When the mantras are said together, it is thought to enhance the attraction of prosperity; not just cash and possessions, but wellness and various other blessings. The is thought to manifest anything good in the universe, with numerous sources declaring it is a “magical mantra.”

The mantra is a most Powerful Beej Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi, who has limitless power to generate wealth, money, health along with other awesome things. Brzee Mantra possesses the ability to generate those things, but the Shreem Brzee Mantra has yet another advantageous power like attracting anything which is presently there in the universe. Shreem Brzee is a very good attractor. Shreem is a effective attractor. Shreem increases its chanter’s AURA to attract anything which is positive.

Shreem Brzee can easily manifest anything which is positive.

A Positive field can build up around its chanter’s AURA so fast so that chanter can manifest anything at all. A Shreem Brzee chanter can manifest money and riches. A Shreem Brzee chanter can manifest wealth and prosperity also. A Shreem Brzee chanter can manifest even his/her love interests. A Shreem Brzee chanter can also manifest various divine powers.

Shreem Brzee Chanting Technique:

The fastest and easiest technique for you to realize the power of SHREEM BRZEE is to keep chanting SHREEM BRZEE over and over again. Dr Pillai recommends you establish a goal for yourself to chant 1,000,008 repetitions of SHREEM BRZEE over a length of time to completely unleash the power of this hallowed quantum sound.

POINTER: You can actually purchase a tool known as a clicker to enable you to keep count of how many SHREEM BRZEE repetitions you achieve a day. If you have a iPhone, you can also install ‘Clicker’ apps free from the Apple Store that will help you in your daily practice. Keep a record of the number of SHREEM BRZEE repetitions you chant each day in a notebook and target to do 1,000,008 SHREEM BRZEE repetitions regardless of how long it takes!

Dr. Pillai further recommends a more highly effective technique to maximize the power of SHREEM BRZEE – meet in communities and chant SHREEM BRZEE. When you chant SHREEM BRZEE by yourself, you’re able to accomplish wonders, but when you chant SHREEM BRZEE in a group, the power of SHREEM BRZEE is increased a thousandfold and everyone in the group receives the rewards and blessings of the group chant!

In Dr. Pillai’s group in Singapore, they have regular SHREEM BRZEE chanting sessions. Chant alongside to a SHREEM BRZEE group chanting session:

Shreem – is a unique seed sound signifying surrender, ingenuity, blessings, grace, and peace. This sound is a reflection of the power of the moon, the female nature, receptivity, and the power of the Goddess Lakshmi, the force of Divine prosperity and abundance.

Brzee – is a sacred sound that was revealed to Dr. Pillai. This sound is the perfect tool which can generate untold riches and wealth for you. Moreover, this wealth sound will also bring more Divine Light into your soul.

The quantum sound SHREEM BRZEE is the ultimate money magnet – it has deep within it the power and potential of pure gold. Just like how an oak seed has the possibility to grow into a large oak tree, and afterward multiply into a forest of oak trees, the sound SHREEM BRZEE once ingrained into your consciousness and very soul, will turn you into a natural money magnet that attracts wealth and prosperity to yourself.

Shreem Brzee Mantra Eliminates Barriers to Wealth and Money

The Shreem Brzee mantra is a powerful mantra to remove any hurdles to wealth and money. Here is the Shreem Brzee mantra video so that you can learn and chant along with it.

The two syllable mantra – Shreem Brzee works to attract all things positive around you in life. It is the ideal mantra to generate abundance and wealth in your life.

This mantra for wealth and abundance is claimed to remove all barriers in your life – such as any built up bad karma – and makes it easier to receive all round abundance, faster than any other known mantra – so much is its power.

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