How Does Shreem Brzee Work?

how shreem brzee works

Shreem Brzee is one of the most powerful wealth mantras in the world. It is actually a combination of two mantras, “Shreem” and “Brzee.”

The Origin of Shreem Brzee is Well Known

It was created by a Hindu Rishi known as Vishwamitra. He was an emperor who wanted to make all the people in his kingdom wealthy. Therefore, he decided to use Hindu spirituality to find a solution.

Seeing as Vishwamitra was a guru of Rama and actually an avatar of the god Vishnu, the emperor could live for a very long time. He meditated for 1,500 years until the Divine revealed the “Brzee” mantra to him. After that, he used it to make his objective come true.

Vishwamitra passed on the mantra throughout the ages selflessly. It was later combined with the “Shreem” mantra from Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. “Shreem” is a primal or seed mantra which is very powerful and gives both inner and outer results when chanted.

As such, chanting the complete “Shreem Brzee” mantra invites tremendous wealth into your life. Not only does it bring financial benefits, but also beauty and peace. If you’re asking yourself, “How does work?”

Read on to learn more about this key to abundance.

How is Shreem Brzee chanted?

To apply this mantra in your life, you have to chant it in a specific way. The is chanted as follows, “ namaha”. The individual sounds in the mantra have specific meanings.

They are indicated below:

  • Om: This is a spiritual sound which refers to the entire universe. Also known as Brahman, the universe is the source of all that we desire in life. “Om” is usually chanted at the beginning of every Hindu prayer and mantra including “Shreem Brzee”.
  • Shreem: This is a “Bija” or seed mantra that originates from Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. It brings about wealth, blessing, peace and a sense of surrender. The Goddess Lakshmi is the provider of wealth. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “Goal”. Therefore, by chanting the , you create a path towards your personal goals.
  • Brzee: This is the main sound in the mantra. “Brzee is a sincere request to banish all scarcity in the conscious and subconscious mind. It is the mantra that was passed on to Vishwamitra by the Divine. In essence, Vishwamitra means “friend of all humankind”. Therefore, the mantra is empowered by the guru’s empathy to deliver abundance in your life.
  • Namaha: This is a submission mantra that means “In your essence I bow to you.” It indicates reverence for the Divine.

The Shreem can be said in these four sounds to deliver all forms of prosperity in your life.You should faithfully chant this mantra 108 times a day for 45 days to see its powerful manifestations.

How does the Shreem Brzee mantra work?

The Divine is the source of all this that we desire. It can bring you love, wealth, health and peace. While the Divine is the ultimate source, the Shreem Brzee mantra is an effective attractor of these things. Whenever you chant this mantra regularly, it can attract all that is already there in the Universe which you want. Seeing as Shreem Brzee is a positive mantra, it enhances your aura to attract all that is positive and good for you.

A strong, positive field is all around you very quickly. It follows and encompasses you such that you can attract anything positive wherever you go. The Shreem Brzee mantra is limitless. It can help you to attract money, wealth, health, peace, opportunities, lovers and even other Divine powers. All you have to do is chant the mantra regularly while in a spirit of submission to the Divine and it will deliver what you desire to you.

What does Shreem Brzee do for you?

This mantra is fully capable of eliminating all types of scarcity from your conscious and subconscious mind. When you chant this mantra regularly, you change your personal vibration to one which attracts abundant beauty, wealth and peace.


Any financial challenges that you are experiencing will end after you begin to chant this mantra. As a side effect, you will experience joy, happiness, health and contentment after beginning to chant Shreem Brzee. This mantra will make you rich and successful. It is a direct way to experience the powers of the Goddess Lakshmi in your life.

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