Om Kleem Shreem Brzee – Ancient Sanskrit Mantra for Love and Money

Om is an ancient Sanskrit mantra for love and money . Chant . Watch YouTube video to learn the exact technique.


  • Carol Pedigree

    Is there a difference between this mantra and the mantra that just says Om Schreem. Or the mantra that says Aum Kleem, Shreem brzee What is the difference between these mantras? Does anyone know?

  • Patricia Santillan

    What is this matra for?

  • Sra Mercury

    Belíssimo muito obrigada por isso!❤

  • maximo ronaldo

    no se que diga pero esta biem fumado

  • Ram raheem


  • veronica munisar

    Can female say this mantra also

  • royaldarkness iceking

    this is totaally fake, zee doesnt exist.

  • Ora Blu


  • Jeroen van Campenhout & The Labaya's

    this is a message from bashar and angelic friends but delivered by me instead of darryl anka this time::::, basicly bashar and archangel michael said that humanity can now do a mantra to relieve itself from ego (that is actually played by your angels and archangels) and the matra has to be an half hour long..not a minute or second less…and the mantra goes like this:::: i always have been without ego

    they say that angels play the ego of humans and mess with their feelings and emotions etc. on every third density planet in this universe. so also with beings from a third density that are not human. and its one universal mantra in every language out there the angels and prime creator says

    angels also give us feelings next to conditioned thoughts, to see what we do with them, and how we judge those feelings that go along with the thoughts they give you. but they say that there is also a mantra that relieves third density entities from those feelings. and prime creator has decided that it goes like this:::: i always only had positive vibes.. do this mantra for twenty minutes and not a second less. and the conditioned feelings that angels gave you that are translated in blockages will leave you, they say. both mantras( for the feelings and thoughts) will relieve you 24 hours of them, so do it every day, and you will live a care free life…this is what archangel michael prime creator and bashar and my personal angels that also have played my ego like actors have told me.. and they say that its your own choice to check for yourself if it works

  • Sylvia Ludwig

    Om kleem shreem brzee

  • art angel

    great!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Rajat Chopra

    awasome mantra with power

  • Xqlusieve

    This is a ancient sanskrit mantra that should be pronounced perfectly and flawlessly. not like this chanting with englisch accent, its almost a insult for this mantra.

  • cabbage681

    Thanx, after jamming along with my 432hz tuned guitar it inspired me to combine this mantra with another  I Know by heart and put a sort of folk rock beat to it, thanx again, much love, Namaste

  • 55dbau

    I am not sure but chanting mantra shouldn't be modern instrumental, there is power in the human voice which our ancestors discovered long ago and that's mostly all they used. Keep it original if it worked for thousand years. Just my own experience.

  • Rim Uk

    My go to mantra. I seen result fast everything works in your favor.

  • EGR. chandrahasan

    Mantra is powerful, but benefit of the mantra could receive only few. why?  the secret is with U for detail contact Yoga Prithyankara Jothidam, chennai. cell. 9840346076,9445529919.

  • Abhinav Kumar

    Every one writes every kinda crap . BUT ANYONE IS HERE WHO REALLY GOT ANY RESULTS .. !!! everyone just chant chant and chant .. DOES ANYONE GET ANY RESULT .

  • paulette goltz

    Oh my God I so LOVE this…I could just listen to this 24/7…I close my eyes and get lost in the chant…thank you so much!

  • Luis Enrique

    Love this. Listen to it while I get ready in the morning and the chant accompanies me for the rest of the day. Thank you for this

  • sahin cene

    Sucks i cant feel any energie

  • Angel Torres

    I like this one it's very relaxing.

  • Gullytale

    For love AND money ? I thought we couldn't serve two masters. 🙂 

  • gingi t

    Would women use this as well? Is there a better mantra for women to use? Thank you.

  • Rakjkd

    Can you say aum kleem hreem shreem brzee namah please advice

  • Solomon Tesfaye

    I am grateful for this Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙂

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