Shreem Brzee Lottery Winnings – 108 Times

Use this to attract a lottery win into your life. It’s very important that you chant this for lottery winnings . In addition to chanting this mantra 108 times (2-3 times a day) you also need to believe. Doubting the power of shreem brzee will only slow down the blessing which you seek, which is a lottery win.


  • Beatriz Teofilo

    Ujuuu estoy muy feliz me toco la loteria siiiiii. Lo estoy haciendo a dos semana apenas. 😁😂😂😂😍😍😍😍

  • Megha Patel

    I don't play lottery. But my husband play n he won $5000.00 two times in a raw since time I was just listening only .and he found job that he like. And I notice he win mostly on Friday . First Friday he won $500.00 second Friday he won $5000.00 third Friday he won $200.00 fifth Friday he won again $5000.00. When we really need money so bad .

  • Megha Patel

    It work for me.

  • Chrystalis Revival

    Day 2 of this and I won $4 on a $3 lottery ticket (and to be honest it was drawn and just not posted before I did the 2nd round so… it was really effects of day 1). Its not a lot, but I just scanned 11 losing tickets before picking this one up, so really its amazing! I'm am thankful for the $1 richer I am today then then yesterday!

  • Melchora Villanueva

    please can u help me i need lots of money to pay all my debts

  • Manoj Gopal

    how do i use this shreem brzee

  • Miss Pippi

    I chanted this mantra for a couple of days a few years back and was given a large sum of money following. Totally forgot how the mantra goes and now found it again! Try it and see. It really does work.

  • dipali pancholi

    I need help please answer me I every time playing lottery but always wrong number so you sajesh me

  • dipali pancholi

    hello sir ae mantra ka every Friday ke every day I need help please you sajesh me

  • Vidal Velez

    I won the bingo at my neighbor house….. 😂😂😂😂

  • Sasikalamadhu Madhu

    Sir how can my Son get an admission to miracle School he want to study there

  • Roza Roza

    i tried 4th time winning the lottery but i coudlnt.I disappointed….I hope this mantra will help me,i found this mantra new.. and i will use Let see how will go on.

  • sindhu jyothi

    Respected Dr Pillai can u help me now i hav huge amount of financial problem which is da most powerful meditation solving financial problem

  • Vivek Mathur

    Useless Mantra. Wastage of time. Does not work.

  • bob stephen

    I want to lottery number please sir

  • bob stephen

    please sir help me i need money

  • Rajesh Jain

    ye mantra aap friday ko shukra ki hora me start kre……………………. or roj 108 baar jaap kre………………..result aapke samne hogaji

  • Lavkush Soni

    vayanamasi sir kya ye mantra kilit hai kya ma direct kar sakta hu

  • Lola Lazarus

    Can we get an extended version of this from somewhere? Do we also have to chant or can we just listen? Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it!

  • Young Eureka

    them try stop brezee for working i got bill to pay brezee help

  • Young Eureka

    i need money can u help me them try stop my luck

  • Susma ramdien

    doesn't help me out

  • sanjay gami

    Can we have this video with Indian currency and gold and diomond jewellery

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