Shreem Brzee Mantra 108: Get Rich, Happy & Healthy: Very Powerful: 100% Guaranteed Results!


Shreem is a Hindu chant that invokes the energy of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and . This is actually a combination of the and the mantra. When the mantras are chanted together, it is believed to enhance the attraction of abundance; not just money and possessions, but health and other blessings. The mantra is said to manifest anything positive in the universe, with numerous sources claiming it is a “miracle mantra.”


  • Nadhan Vaidya

    Instead of saying Composer Traditional please give due credit to Dr.Pillai, no harm will come to you, in accepting the truth.

  • Nadhan Vaidya

    But this is the rendition of Dr. Pillai. of Pillai Center

  • Cindreia31

    I listened yesterday and I got a check for a thousand dollars and something else I'd been wanting today.

    • Gladys Larry

      Did you just listen or do you gave ti chant out loud

      • Frank

        You can just listen to it… I actually listen to a recorded loop of Shreem Brzee when I sleep sometimes. But for best results, you’ll also want to chant out loud Shreem Brzee 108x a day. You don’t have to chant loud, but there’s more power when you speak it. If you’d like an 8HR MP3 of Shreem Brzee, let me know.



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