Shreem Brzee Mantra: Create Prosperity Consciousness

“Everybody should feel that they are kings and that they have all the treasury for themselves. And that can come through the , .” ~ Dr. Pillai

What does Shreem Brzee Do?

It allows you to conceptualize the impossible. Once you are able to conceive, everything happens.

Trust 100%

If I have to give one mantra for financial success, it would be Shreem Brzee.

Dr. Pillai: I want to talk about this mantra, Shreem Brzee which I partly coined and partly came from the king, Vishwamitra, who wanted to give a royal life to everyone.

First of all, the concept itself is wrong because how can everybody be royal? Only the king can be royal and his family and his cousins.

King Vishwamitra & Royalty Consciousness

But he wanted everybody to be royal. And he was an emperor in India. And then he thought that it is possible to do it in a mundane way through improving the finances of the people or bringing more industries or any of these kinds of things.

*Prosperity Consciousness Through Shreem Brzee*

So it has to be done through a change of consciousness.

Everybody should feel that they are Kings and they have all the treasury for themselves. And that consciousness can come through this sound, Shreem Bzree.

And then, how long did it take for him to figure that out? 1,500 years. And Can anyone live that long? He did live, with a body transformed into luminous body and with which he disappeared.

Dr. Pillai Receives Sound For Prosperity

And then he found someone [to give it to]. And then, perhaps not a great choice he made, because when he gave it to me in about 1998 or 1999, I don’t remember the date, through a special Nadi reading. I took it seriously in the beginning, and I called myself Brzee also.

That was his intention, but then, what happened, I did not pay attention to it. And then I did not use this at all. But then, what happened — recently, everything is happening.

And in my meditation, it came to me very clearly that the whole world is going to be changed by this sound.

Financial Hope For The World

And FaceBook has become in very handy and then a lot of people are using this sound now. And I have hope for the world. At least hope — financial hope — for people who are really, really struggling without a job or with a job that is not paying enough money or there are a lot of expenses. Or, in some cases, there are people who have bought $20 million homes with it, because they couldn’t conceive of a home for that kind of money.

So, what does Shreem Brzee do?

It allows you to conceptualize the impossible so that it becomes believable and realizable on a deeper level. And that is a very important thing. And once you’re able to conceive, then everything happens.

So I’m really, really happy that I’ve come to believe it now. Not only believe it but trust it 100%. If I have to give one mantra for financial success and that is Shreem Brzee.

Shreem Brzee: An Economic Solution For Everyone

There are a lot of Shreem Brzee presentations all over the Internet.

And it is going to be worldwide known and I’ll be recognized as the person who brought Shreem Brzee as an economic solution for all the people all over the world. God bless. ~ Dr. Pillai


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