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The Power and Benefit of Chanting SHREEM BRZEE Together as a Group

Baba has revealed SHREEM BRZEE as the ultimate mantra for prosperity and abundance. In this roundup segment, Mohini talks about the power and benefit of chanting SHREEM BRZEE together as a group. Mohini is one of Dr. Pillai (Dattatriya Siva Baba)’s longest serving students and empowered teachers. She has been teaching Dr. Pillai’s Mind Science techniques for prosperity and enlightenment worldwide for the past 18 years.

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Brzee Mantra Benefits Souls to Uplift Orientation

brzee mantra benefits

Om Brzee Namaha is that the chant for wealth, to be continual 108 times. Mantras are thought-about to be divine rhymes composed by the traditional religious writing Rishis/saints within the divine language of Sanskrit language. Mantras square measure energy-based sounds. They are primarily used as religious conduits, words, or vibrations that instill one-pointed concentration within the lover. Om Brzee Namaha is alleged to own return from Saint Vishwamitra, World Health Organization is believed to be one in every of the nice saints in Hinduism. It had been […]

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My First Experience With The Mantra Shreem Brzee

My Shreem Brzee Experience My name is Sejuti Mitra and I would like to share my first experience with the wealth mantra Shreem Brzee today. I’ve been using the Shreem Brzee mantra for the past two months and I’ve had some beautiful experiences with Shreem Brzee and when I started using the mantra Shreem Brzee it was during a very tough phase of my life because someone very close to me had hurt me very badly and I was very sad and I couldn’t get myself out of that situation. […]

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