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Lead Fate on Top with Om Shreem Brzee Namaha

om shreem brzee namaha

Om Shreem Brzee Namaha may be a mantra. A mantra that uses sound to induce transformation and is probably the oldest sort of prayer of human race originating within the Vedic tradition of the subcontinent of India. Later, it had been incorporated in Hindu, Buddhist, and few other religions. It often uses to accustomed divert the mind from its instinctual wishes and thoughts toward manifesting divine consciousness. The powerful sound shreem brzee is that the final prosperity magnet that carries deep inside it the facility and potential […]

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Om Shreem Brzee Namaha – The Lakshmi Mantra 108 Times

  The Lakshmi Mantra: OM SHREEM BRZEE NAMAHA – Dr. Pillai’s Teachings. Prosperity Meditation Revealed by Dr. Pillai. Connect with Goddess Lakshmi — For Wealth and Consciousness. Attract Wealth by chanting this mantra regularly for 108 times. Please Share this Website and Video

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