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Om Shreem Brzee: Sounds of Prosperity To Increase Your Wealth

Om Shreem Brzee Sounds of Prosperity to Increase Wealth Composing of Quantum Sound Frequencies is a dynamic technology that helps the manifestation of its awareness on a physical plane. OM SHREEM BRZEE is the quantum noise frequency for prosperity and wealth. SHREEM: The seed form for the divine feminine that is, related to wealth BRZEE: Another audio for removing all deficiency from our consciousness. Writing of the sound frequency brings from the consciousness have to attract and manifest wealth and prosperity. While composing the audio frequency 108 […]

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Be Wise and Wealthy Chanting Om Shreem Brzee

om shreem brzee

Om Shreem Brzee is said to have come from Saint Vishwamitra, who is believed to be one of the great saints in Hinduism. It was Vishwamitra who supposedly promoted this amazing mantra because of its value towards meditation and attraction of financial abundance. Om Shreem Brzee is considered to be a specially powered Bija (spiritual seed) that indicates divinity, creativity, peace, blessings, and grace. This sound reflects the energy of the moon, the feminine nature, receptivity, and the power of the Goddess Lakshmi, the force of Divine […]

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