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Chant Om Shreem Om for Divine Blessings

Om serves to open and clear the psyche for contemplation. It realizes a rising and development of our vitality. It advances the higher prana and inward light and takes us into the shapeless domain. It draws the sound current up the spine, through the chakras and out the highest point of the head. Om additionally signifies ‘yes’ and is said to be the sound of consent. It enables us to fit with the powers of the universe remotely and with our own particular nature inside. It adjusts us […]

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Shreem Mantra – Real Value for Worship

shreem mantra

The Shreem mantra is considered to be a Bija mantra – a primal sound that faucet into the divine essence of the universe to operate as a mantra intense itself. Every Bija mantra generally corresponds to a singular god. This mantra is that the essence of the deity of Wealth, Lakshmi. The blessings of Shreem brzee are limitless and have the nurturing power of the complete moon. This can bring artistic energy, good luck, and prosperous flow into your life. The Shreem mantra is understood to provide […]

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