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Shreem Brzee from Blue Ridge – Powerful Sanskrit Mantra

  This sacred mantra has been given to us by Dr. Baskaran Pillai. As a divine spiritual master, Dr. Pillai’s ongoing mission is to alleviate all human suffering. Chanting this powerful Sanskrit mantra can help to increase the abundance in your life, which is your birthright. The recording of this chant is 108 mantra repetitions x 12. Chanting everyday can give you a sense of peace, while quieting the mind and helping to remove any blocks keeping you from prosperity.

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Chant Shreem Brzee 108 Times: Prosperity Sound For Wealth Consciousness

┬áMantra To Improve Your Finances. This Chant, “Shreem Brzee” is to improve prosperity consciousness. Join others in raising prosperity consciousness for everyone, for the world. Learn more about Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee is the Mantra that Dr. Pillai has given for changing your money consciousness. Brzee is a secret mantra given to Dr. Pillai by Vishwamitra to help people create prosperity for themselves and others. ‘Shreem’ is another sound, a seed sound for the Goddess of Wealth archetype, Lakshmi.

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