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Shreem Brzee Can Lead Someone to Success

shreem brzee devotion

The sound Brzee was transmitted to Dr. Pillai by an ancient Rishi named Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra, once used to be an emperor and needed to make¬†everybody in his kingdom affluent, so he turned to spirituality and meditation to search out an answer. The quantum sound Shreem is that the final cash magnet – it carries deep inside it the facility and potential of pure gold. However, an oak seed has the potential to grow into an outsized oak tree, and thenceforth multiply into a forest of oak trees, […]

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Shreem Brzee Mantra: Create Prosperity Consciousness

“Everybody should feel that they are kings and that they have all the treasury for themselves. And that can come through the mantra, Shreem Brzee.” ~ Dr. Pillai What does Shreem Brzee Do? It allows you to conceptualize the impossible. Once you are able to conceive, everything happens. Trust Shreem Brzee 100% If I have to give one mantra for financial success, it would be Shreem Brzee. Dr. Pillai: I want to talk about this mantra, Shreem Brzee which I partly coined and partly came from the […]

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Brzee: The Ultimate Sound For Wealth and Prosperity


How Brzee Came Into Existence The sound “Brzee” was transmitted to Dr. Pillai by a great Rishi called Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra, once an emperor, wanted to make everyone in his kingdom wealthy, and looked to spirituality and meditation to find a resolution. Following 1,200 years of intense meditation, the divine addressed his prayers by revealing to him the tone Brzee. Immediately afterward, he selflessly gave the Brzee¬†to Dr. Pillai expecting nothing in return, Dr. Pillai then enhanced it by pairing it with an additional potent sound for wealth, […]

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