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My First Experience With The Mantra Shreem Brzee

My Shreem Brzee Experience My name is Sejuti Mitra and I would like to share my first experience with the wealth mantra Shreem Brzee today. I’ve been using the Shreem Brzee mantra for the past two months and I’ve had some beautiful experiences with Shreem Brzee and when I started using the mantra Shreem Brzee it was during a very tough phase of my life because someone very close to me had hurt me very badly and I was very sad and I couldn’t get myself out of that situation. […]

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SHREEM BRZEE for Practice – The Prosperity Sound – The Wealth Mantra 108 Times

  Shreem Brzee is a prosperity sound and wealth mantra. Shreem Brzee – The Lakshmi Mantra. Dr. Pillai revealed this Quantum Sound for wealth attraction. Shreem Brzee The Quantum sound given by Saint Vishwamitra to Dattatreya Sri Siva Baba Dr. Pillai

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