Vedic Mantras and How They Can Help

vedic mantras

Introduction to Vedic Mantras

There are many religions in the world. One of these is the Hindu religion. It originated in Asia and is practised in many countries. A foundation practice of this religion is reciting vedic . A vedic is an utterance which is sacred. It is a word, syllable or verse that followers of this religion say as part of their worship routines.

Vedic mantras have spiritual or mystical efficacy.

Say mantras aloud or internally. Moreover, you can say mantras repeatedly or simply once to make them effective in your life. Mantras are essentially distillations of spiritual wisdom and have a powerful, profound effect on you. They can help you to achieve a trance-like, elevated level of spiritual awareness.

Read on to discover more about Vedic mantras and their effect on your life.

History of Vedic Mantras

Mantras were used for worship ever since the early Vedic Period between 1000 BC and 500 BC. Originally structured as poems, they became part of Tantric Schools during the Hindu Epics period. In these schools, believers were taught that each mantra is a god. Eventually, Vedic mantras evolved into the chants that we use today.

Why recite mantras?

You can use vedic mantras for a variety of reasons. You can recite them to achieve spiritual enlightenment. They are also effective in bringing about psychic or spiritual strength. Moreover, you can recite mantras so as to protect yourself from evil, psychic attacks performed by your enemy. As such, you can use mantras to improve and preserve your well being and that of your loved ones.

One can also use vedic mantras to create financial miracles.

Functions of Vedic Mantras

Daily worship

Mantras have various purposes. Firstly, they can be used for every day worship of a chosen deity or pantheon of deities. Followers of this religion use mantras to perform regular reverence for their deities.

To facilitate rites and ceremonies

Mantras are also a significant part of Hindu rites and ceremonies. Some mantras find use in religious processes as well as domestic settings by Hindu followers to mark events or enter new religious or social circles. For example, followers are normally put into sects by a process where the respective guru whispers secret, specific mantras into the initiate’s ears. As a matter of fact, many Hindu followers believe that some of the most effective mantras are those spoken by a guru to an initiate.

Types of Vedic Mantras

There are very many types of vedic mantras. Some examples of these are:

  • Gayatri mantra
  • Lakshmi mantra
  • Saraswati mantra
  • Baghalamukhi mantra
  • Santan Gopal mantra
  • Shiva mantra
  • Katyayani mantra
  • Hanuman mantra
  • Vastu mantra
  • Rashi mantra
  • Navagraha mantra

Each of these mantras has a specific purpose. When pronounced correctly, they concentrate universal energy into your . Moreover, there are some which should be pronounced once while others need repetition so as to be effective.

The essence of a mantra is its root word which is known as “Beej”. The root word has some specific power attached to it which is known as “Mantra Shakti”. In the Hindu religion, every root word is related to a specific planet or planet lord. As such, whenever you say specific mantras, you essentially invoke these deities and their power into your life.

Chanting mantras is known as “Mantra Yoga” or “Mantra Japa”. This activity helps you to coordinate your senses, sound energy and breath at the same time. The chanting creates a sound wave energy within you and your surroundings to bring about the change that you desire.

What Can You Use Mantras for in Your Life?

Vedic mantras have various purposes in life. Generally, mantras are sounds and syllables of power. Saying them often in your life yields the specific that you desire. By chanting mantras regularly with devotion and in faith, you are able to the energies of your chosen lords and deities. This energy can be positive and constructive in a specific way. By bringing you in sync with the vibratory energies of your chosen deities, you can ask for divine help in particular areas of your life.

Not only do they act upon the subconscious mind, mantras also awaken consciousness and make you gravitate towards the specific goal that you want. Interestingly, mantras have an effect on your physical body too. They help to relax your nerves and activate your glands as well. They also harmonize the various energies sweeping throughout your life. As such, you can use mantras to control the circumstances in your existence and live as you wish. On a mental level, mantras improve your concentration and increase self-confidence.

The Benefits of Using Vedic Mantras

Better physical health

Mantras have a wide variety of benefits. Firstly, out can use them to invoke your deity of choice and create the specific energy or condition which you want in life. Secondly, mantras can boost your physical energy. They have a positive effect on your body and the muscles within it. As such, you can choose a specific mantra that will energize your body systems leaving you stronger than before.

Mantras can heal the body. They have a marked effect on the internal structure of those who chant them. This enables gurus and strong Hindu believers to achieve great health in their lives. You can do the same by chanting the appropriate mantras. They can increase heal your body and improve your vitality.

Help to develop a positive mindset

Having a positive mind creates well being inside you and delivers the result you want. Mantras can help you to accomplish this. Picking and chanting positive mantras results in a positive mind-state which even helps your body to gain back it’s natural form and stature. This is especially important if you are recovering from some emotional or psychological injury.

Create inner peace

Chanting mantras relieves you of tension and reduces your blood pressure. They help you to achieve inner peace and protect you from any negativity. You can use them to improve your personal spiritual wellbeing too because vedic mantras realign any imbalances that may have occurred in your spirit. Chanting them regularly can heal both physical and mental injuries leaving you stronger and able to experience a fulfilling life.


Vedic mantras are capable of helping you to accomplish many benefits in your life. They can help you to feel more emotionally stable. Chanting vedic mantras helps you to increase self-worth, confidence and esteem. They can help you to be more empathetic towards family, friends and even strangers. By sustaining spiritual and mental calm, Vedic mantras help you to think clearly, have better focus and eventually become intellectually sharper.

By making you more altruistic, respectful and loyal, mantras help you to become a better person. Factors such as intuition, creativity and imagination all benefit by chanting vedic mantras regularly. Overall, Vedic mantras are an essential factor of Hindu worship. Not only do they assist believers to stay in touch with their deities, they can help you to sustain love, health and joy throughout your life.

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